Advanced queries are supported. Available fields: text, name, set, format, from, into, type, color, rarity, number, weakness, resistance, has, pokedex, artist
Can combine multiple fields, examples:
  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
Colors: R (Fire), L, G, F, W, P, C, D, M, N (Dragon), Y (Fairy) Operators: AND (default), OR, NOT Please reach out to axpendix to help improve this documentation. For the tech savvy, the search was implemented by Lucene, full docs to the QL.
Absol ex (PK 92)
Claydol ex (PK 93)
Flygon ex (PK 94)
Metagross ex (PK 95)
Salamence ex (PK 96)
Shiftry ex (PK 97)
Skarmory ex (PK 98)
Walrein ex (PK 99)
Aggron ex (CG 89)
Blaziken ex (CG 90)
Delcatty ex (CG 91)
Exploud ex (CG 92)
Groudon ex (CG 93)
Jirachi ex (CG 94)
Kyogre ex (CG 95)
Shiftry ex (CG 97)
Swampert ex (CG 98)
Crawdaunt ex (HP 99)
Mew ex (HP 100)
Mightyena ex (HP 101)
Arcanine ex (LM 83)
Armaldo ex (LM 84)
Banette ex (LM 85)
Dustox ex (LM 86)
Flygon ex (LM 87)
Mew ex (LM 88)
Walrein ex (LM 89)
Flareon ex (DS 108)
Jolteon ex (DS 109)
Vaporeon ex (DS 110)
Blissey ex (UF 101)
Espeon ex (UF 102)
Feraligatr ex (UF 103)
Lugia ex (UF 105)
Meganium ex (UF 106)
Politoed ex (UF 107)
Scizor ex (UF 108)
Steelix ex (UF 109)
Typhlosion ex (UF 110)
Tyranitar ex (UF 111)
Umbreon ex (UF 112)
Altaria ex (EM 90)
Cacturne ex (EM 91)
Camerupt ex (EM 92)
Deoxys ex (EM 93)
Dusclops ex (EM 94)
Medicham ex (EM 95)
Milotic ex (EM 96)
Raichu ex (EM 97)
Regice ex (EM 98)
Regirock ex (EM 99)
Registeel ex (EM 100)
Crobat ex (DX 96)
Deoxys ex (DX 97)
Deoxys ex (DX 98)
Deoxys ex (DX 99)
Hariyama ex (DX 100)
Manectric ex (DX 101)
Rayquaza ex (DX 102)
Salamence ex (DX 103)
Sharpedo ex (DX 104)
Rocket's Articuno ex (TRR 96)
Rocket's Entei ex (TRR 97)
Rocket's Hitmonchan ex (TRR 98)
Rocket's Mewtwo ex (TRR 99)
Rocket's Moltres ex (TRR 100)
Rocket's Scizor ex (TRR 101)
Rocket's Scyther ex (TRR 102)
Rocket's Sneasel ex (TRR 103)
Rocket's Snorlax ex (TRR 104)
Rocket's Suicune ex (TRR 105)
Rocket's Zapdos ex (TRR 106)
Blastoise ex (FRLG 104)
Charizard ex (FRLG 105)
Clefable ex (FRLG 106)
Electrode ex (FRLG 107)
Gengar ex (FRLG 108)
Gyarados ex (FRLG 109)
Mr. Mime ex (FRLG 110)
Mr. Mime ex (FRLG 111)
Venusaur ex (FRLG 112)
Groudon ex (HL 93)
Kyogre ex (HL 94)
Metagross ex (HL 95)
Ninetales ex (HL 96)
Regice ex (HL 97)
Regirock ex (HL 98)
Registeel ex (HL 99)
Vileplume ex (HL 100)
Wigglytuff ex (HL 101)
Blaziken ex (MA 89)
Cradily ex (MA 90)
Entei ex (MA 91)
Raikou ex (MA 92)
Sceptile ex (MA 93)
Suicune ex (MA 94)
Swampert ex (MA 95)
Ampharos ex (DR 89)
Dragonite ex (DR 90)
Golem ex (DR 91)