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Latest Updates (View All)

v25 Update: Theme Deck Store, Forum and Discord

Theme Deck Store is now available!

Now you can get theme decks directly from the in-game store using ink. The cost of each deck is automatically calculated by the total amount of ink required to assemble the missing cards on your inventory, minus 30% theme deck discount! If you already have all the cards in your inventory, you can just add the deck to your inventory for free!

New Forum!

We have a new forum for updates and announcements, deck lists, feature suggestions, bug reports and everything about Pokemon TCG and TCG ONE in general! Please feel free to post and discuss anything. The new login system is integrated with the forum so you'll be able to use your existing TCG ONE accounts. You can also communicate with your friends using PM feature.

New Discord Server!

You should join our Discord Server for the latest updates, daily discussion and development topics. There is even a Patreon integration: Our supporters can link their Patreon accounts with Discord to receive a special status on the server! We will integrate the existing in-game chat with Discord later on.

Parade continues!

To celebrate this update, we're starting another career pack parade which will reward you a daily FREE pack every day for 2 weeks! Don't forget to open the game everyday to get your daily FREE pack :)

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the long standing switching colorless energy on Fates Collide cards bug: This was a really rogue one, an effect (Rotom's Plasmagic) was illegally modifying a global variable. (did you know the variable identifiers in groovy are case insensitive??)
  • Gardevoir GX (BUS) Secret Spring will not be repeatable
  • Charizard (GEN) Combustion Blast damage was corrected
  • Zoroark GX (SLG) Trickster GX minor fix
  • Mantine (STS) Healing Wave error fixed
  • Alolan Raticate (SM) Evil Orders will allow variable selection
  • Pikachu (SMP) Thunder Wave will now flip a coin
  • Tapu Lele (SMP) Magical Swap will not error after KO

v24 Update: Burning Shadows and Shining Legends!

  • Burning Shadows is now available for Quickplay!
  • Shining Legends is now available for Quickplay!
  • Remaining Sun & Moon Promos (24-99) are now available for Quickplay!
  • This update contains a total of 322 new cards and lots of bug fixes.
  • System stability improvements, the game should now feel snappier than ever!
Bug fixes:
  • Rotom Dex (SM 131) will now work properly.
  • Aether Paradise Conservation Area (GRI) will only apply to basic [L] and [G] Pokemon.
  • Fixed card types for Choice Band, Exp. Share, Poison Barb.
  • Fixed Delibird (GRI) All the Presents deck search issue
  • Fixed the interaction between Robo Substitute (PLS) and bench size changing effects
  • Incineroar (SM) now evolves correctly
  • Rockruff (SMP) Rock Throw energy cost fixed
  • Rocket's Sneak Attack (TR) will shuffle hand after use
  • Corrected Fairy Energy (SM) type
  • Corrected Fomantis (SM) Synthesis energy cost
  • Alomomola (GRI) Borne Ashore will now work properly
  • Fixed Starmie BREAK (EVO) Break Star damage
  • Fixed Primarina-GX (SM) Bubble Beat damage
  • Alolan Geodude (GRI) Rock Polish will now work properly
  • Mew (EVO) Neutral Shield will now work properly

v23 Update: New login system!

This update features a new centralized login system, which will be the first step for the upcoming website features such as forum and deck garage. It also has persistent sessions so as long as you use the same browser, your session will be remembered automatically. Later on, we will be able to allow developers to integrate apps with TCG ONE accounts.

Your accounts are already transitioned to new system ( in a secure way. On first login, you'll only need to verify your email address and you'll be able to change it also (a lacking feature on old system). The reason for email verification is that we want to make sure you will be able to receive email from us in case you forget your password.

You will now be able to Login with Facebook. This will allow new players to start playing with less number of steps. Existing players can link their Facebook accounts (Go to My Profile -> Link Facebook Account) to use this feature. We'll add Discord login in the future.

Some technical notes for existing players:

  • Old system allowed using the same email address for multiple accounts, the new system will not. So in order to be able to activate your secondary accounts, you'll have to verify them with different email addresses.
  • A change in session system should also be noted that, it's now not possible to use different users in the same browser session, to be able to play games with two accounts with yourself, you'll have to use another browser or a private session (a.k.a. Incognito mode).

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Lycanrox GX (GRI) attack damage
  • Mallow (GRI) will now work correctly
  • Fixed a rare interaction for Cinnabar City Gym (G2)
  • Fixed GX attack requirement for Lurantis GX (SM)
  • Fixed discarded energies for Arcanine (SM) Firestorm and Pikachu EX (XYP) Mega Thunderbolt

v22 Update: Guardians Rising!

  • Guardians Rising is now available for Quickplay!
  • New Standard (17-18) format rotation is now in place. Old format was renamed as PRC-on.
  • Expanded format changes are now in play: Forest of Giant Plants and Archeops (NVI) was banned, Shiftry (NXD) was unbanned.

v21 Update: Sun & Moon!

Sun & Moon and Sun Moon Promos (01-15) now available for Quickplay!

More content will be released soon.

v20 Update: Career v2!

Ladies and Gentlemen, TCG ONE proudly presents: Career v2! The greatest balancing and rebuilding act on the Career mode since its release, is finally live!

To celebrate the new release, we have launched 21 days of Career v2 Parade, to reward total of 21 FREE packs one every day until the end of month! Don't forget to login every day to get your daily card pack!

It's not over! We will also give out 700 coins and 5 RS & SS packs for FREE! Plus 700 more coins as Early Bird Bonus if you login and upgrade to Career v2 within the first week of the launch!

Career Changes

  • New generation: Ruby & Sapphire is now available in Career, along with RS & SS expansions and Worlds 03-04 format!
  • New currency: Ink can be used to assemble any card you don't have and dissolve the ones you don't need in exchange.
  • New currency: Coins can be used to buy packs from in-game store. Earned through quests and 3 win bonuses.
  • 3 Win Bonus: You will gain 40 coins for every 3 wins you get against foes in all modes/formats (carries on between days, maximum 2 bonuses per day, only applies once for a unique foe in a day).
  • Upon logging in, your account and inventory will be upgraded to Career v2. Each card is assigned a current market value calculated by considering previous sales in the market of each card. Your first 4 cards be refunded of their market value minus mean of dissolve and assemble cost of their new class. Your excess cards (over 4) will be refunded of their full market value.
  • Old currency bits were deprecated and exchanged for ink at 1:1 rate. Games will reward ink from now on.
  • In-game market was closed in favor of new changes.
  • FREEBIE cards! Every generation has some important freebie cards and they will be given automatically to players who don't have them. You will get notifications for cards that were credited to your account.
  • New concept: Card Classes. Each card in Career was assigned to a Class, which is different but similar to how rarities work. There 6 classes, from most common to the rarest: Basic, Frequent, Average, Rare, Superior, Epic.
  • Basic class cards (not to be confused with basic type pokemon) are now free to play, including all basic energy cards!
  • V2 packs are generated in a fundamentally different way than the old ones. Each pack always costs 100 coins and contains 10 random (at least 1 Rare Class and 3 Average Class) cards from multiple expansions and usually type-aware. Element packs contain Fire, Grass, Water, Steel and Verdict packs contain Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Dark typed cards.
  • Set level up reward to 200 coins. This would help new players thrive.
  • 'Just Keep on Diggin' achievement now reads 'Receive 10000 Ink by dissolving cards'.
  • Disabled Unlimited format in Career.
  • Adjusted quests once more, their rewards were increased and requirements were lowered for damage type quests.
  • 3 new starter decks for GEN 1: Buckle Up, Diffuser and Dealbreaker!
  • All ECard starter decks were modified to have more draw support and they are now all given to players for free! Same applies for the new RS generation: the two starter decks are given away for free!

Other/UI Changes

  • New UI theme!!!
  • It is now possible to directly clone a quickplay deck for career, via deck viewer window.
  • Added margins to many windows and standardized table styles for a streamlined experience.
  • Quickplay deck editor is now full screen.
  • Added card class and kit columns to Card Database window (hidden by default).
  • It is now possible to play a deck that is covered by the target format. For example you can play standard decks in expanded format, ecard decks in worlds 03-04 format, etc.
  • Coin flips now use a single RNG for the entire game.
  • Beedrill (EVO) Swarming Sting was fixed.

I hope you like Career v2!


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