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  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
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Sun & Moon Promos

Rowlet (SMP SM01)
Litten (SMP SM02)
Popplio (SMP SM03)
Pikachu (SMP SM04)
Snorlax-GX (SMP SM05)
Rockruff (SMP SM06)
Pikipek (SMP SM07)
Litten (SMP SM08)
Togedemaru (SMP SM09)
Shiinotic (SMP SM10)
Bruxish (SMP SM11)
Passimian (SMP SM12)
Oranguru (SMP SM13)
Lycanroc-GX (SMP SM14)
Zygarde (SMP SM15)
Solgaleo-GX (SMP SM16)
Lunala-GX (SMP SM17)
Alolan Sandslash (SMP SM18)
Oricorio (SMP SM19)
Mudsdale (SMP SM20)
Drampa (SMP SM21)
Rowlet (SMP SM22)
Litten (SMP SM23)
Popplio (SMP SM24)
Lurantis (SMP SM25)
Tsareena (SMP SM26)
Turtonator (SMP SM27)
Vikavolt (SMP SM28)
Mimikyu (SMP SM29)
Tapu Koko (SMP SM30)
Tapu Koko (SMP SM30a)
Tapu Koko (SMP SM31)
Tapu Bulu-GX (SMP SM32)
Tapu Koko-GX (SMP SM33)
Bewear-GX (SMP SM34)
Espeon-GX (SMP SM35)
Umbreon-GX (SMP SM36)
Decidueye-GX (SMP SM37)
Incineroar-GX (SMP SM38)
Primarina-GX (SMP SM39)
Jangmo-o (SMP SM40)
Komala (SMP SM41)
Cosmog (SMP SM42)
Alolan Meowth (SMP SM43)
Togedemaru (SMP SM44)
Tapu Lele (SMP SM45)
Seviper (SMP SM46)
Crabominable (SMP SM47)
Zygarde (SMP SM48)
Bewear (SMP SM49)
Tapu Koko-GX (SMP SM50)
Alolan Meowth (SMP SM51)
Golisopod (SMP SM52)
Dhelmise (SMP SM53)
Lucario (SMP SM54)
Decidueye (SMP SM55)
Tsareena-GX (SMP SM56)
Ho-Oh-GX (SMP SM57)
Necrozma-GX (SMP SM58)
Marshadow-GX (SMP SM59)
Charizard-GX (SMP SM60)
Tapu Bulu (SMP SM61)
Golisopod-GX (SMP SM62)
Salazzle-GX (SMP SM63)
Silvally (SMP SM64)
Alolan Raichu (SMP SM65)
Pheromosa-GX (SMP SM66)
Celesteela-GX (SMP SM67)
Xurkitree-GX (SMP SM68)
Buzzwole-GX (SMP SM69)
Shining Ho-Oh (SMP SM70)
Kommo-o-GX (SMP SM71)
Alolan Raichu (SMP SM72)
Salazzle (SMP SM73)
Regirock (SMP SM74)
Registeel (SMP SM75)
Pikachu (SMP SM76)
Mewtwo (SMP SM77)
Champions Festival (SMP SM78)
Shining Celebi (SMP SM79)
Ho-Oh-GX (SMP SM80)
Pikachu (SMP SM81)
Shining Lugia (SMP SM82)
Zorua (SMP SM83)
Zoroark-GX (SMP SM84)
Marshadow (SMP SM85)
Pikachu (SMP SM86)
Latias (SMP SM87)
Latios (SMP SM88)
Zoroark (SMP SM89)
Raichu-GX (SMP SM90)
Silvally-GX (SMP SM91)
Tapu Fini (SMP SM92)
Marshadow (SMP SM93)
Wash Rotom (SMP SM94)
Lucario (SMP SM95)
Heatran (SMP SM96)
Gumshoos (SMP SM97)
Pikachu (SMP SM98)
Mimikyu (SMP SM99)