Advanced queries are supported. Available fields: text, name, set, expansion, format, from, into, type, color, rarity, number, weakness, resistance, has, pokedex, artist
Can combine multiple fields, examples:
  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
Colors: R (Fire), L, G, F, W, P, C, D, M, N (Dragon), Y (Fairy) Operators: AND (default), OR, NOT Please reach out to axpendix to help improve this documentation. For the tech savvy, the search was implemented by Lucene, full docs to the QL.

Dragon Frontiers

Ampharos δ (DF 1)
Feraligatr δ (DF 2)
Heracross δ (DF 3)
Meganium δ (DF 4)
Milotic δ (DF 5)
Nidoking δ (DF 6)
Nidoqueen δ (DF 7)
Ninetales δ (DF 8)
Pinsir δ (DF 9)
Snorlax δ (DF 10)
Togetic δ (DF 11)
Typhlosion δ (DF 12)
Arbok δ (DF 13)
Cloyster δ (DF 14)
Dewgong δ (DF 15)
Gligar δ (DF 16)
Jynx δ (DF 17)
Ledian δ (DF 18)
Lickitung δ (DF 19)
Mantine δ (DF 20)
Quagsire δ (DF 21)
Seadra δ (DF 22)
Tropius δ (DF 23)
Vibrava δ (DF 24)
Xatu δ (DF 25)
Bayleef δ (DF 26)
Croconaw δ (DF 27)
Dragonair δ (DF 28)
Electabuzz δ (DF 29)
Flaaffy δ (DF 30)
Horsea δ (DF 31)
Kirlia (DF 32)
Kirlia δ (DF 33)
Nidorina δ (DF 34)
Nidorino δ (DF 35)
Quilava δ (DF 36)
Seadra δ (DF 37)
Shelgon δ (DF 38)
Smeargle δ (DF 39)
Swellow δ (DF 40)
Togepi δ (DF 41)
Vibrava δ (DF 42)
Bagon δ (DF 43)
Chikorita δ (DF 44)
Cyndaquil δ (DF 45)
Dratini δ (DF 46)
Ekans δ (DF 47)
Elekid δ (DF 48)
Feebas δ (DF 49)
Horsea δ (DF 50)
Larvitar (DF 51)
Larvitar δ (DF 52)
Ledyba δ (DF 53)
Mareep δ (DF 54)
Natu δ (DF 55)
Nidoran♀ δ (DF 56)
Nidoran♂ δ (DF 57)
Pupitar (DF 58)
Pupitar δ (DF 59)
Ralts (DF 60)
Ralts δ (DF 61)
Seel δ (DF 62)
Shellder δ (DF 63)
Smoochum δ (DF 64)
Swablu δ (DF 65)
Taillow δ (DF 66)
Totodile δ (DF 67)
Trapinch δ (DF 68)
Trapinch δ (DF 69)
Vulpix δ (DF 70)
Wooper δ (DF 71)
Buffer Piece (DF 72)
Copycat (DF 73)
Holon Legacy (DF 74)
Holon Mentor (DF 75)
Island Hermit (DF 76)
Mr. Stone's Project (DF 77)
Old Rod (DF 78)
Professor Elm's Training Method (DF 79)
Professor Oak's Research (DF 80)
Strength Charm (DF 81)
TV Reporter (DF 82)
Switch (DF 83)
Holon Energy FF (DF 84)
Holon Energy GL (DF 85)
Holon Energy WP (DF 86)
Boost Energy (DF 87)
δ Rainbow Energy (DF 88)
Scramble Energy (DF 89)
Altaria ex δ (DF 90)
Dragonite ex δ (DF 91)
Flygon ex δ (DF 92)
Gardevoir ex δ (DF 93)
Kingdra ex δ (DF 94)
Latias ex δ (DF 95)
Latios ex δ (DF 96)
Rayquaza ex δ (DF 97)
Salamence ex δ (DF 98)
Tyranitar ex δ (DF 99)
Charizard Star δ (DF 100)