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Can combine multiple fields, examples:
  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
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Leafeon V (EVS 7)
Trevenant V (EVS 13)
Volcarona V (EVS 21)
Gyarados V (EVS 28)
Suicune V (EVS 31)
Glaceon V (EVS 40)
Arctovish V (EVS 48)
Dracozolt V (EVS 58)
Espeon V (EVS 64)
Golurk V (EVS 70)
Sylveon V (EVS 74)
Medicham V (EVS 83)
Lycanroc V (EVS 91)
Umbreon V (EVS 94)
Garbodor V (EVS 100)
Rayquaza V (EVS 110)
Noivern V (EVS 117)
Duraludon V (EVS 122)
Leafeon V (EVS 166)
Leafeon V (EVS 167)
Trevenant V (EVS 168)
Flareon V (EVS 169)
Volcarona V (EVS 170)
Gyarados V (EVS 171)
Vaporeon V (EVS 172)
Suicune V (EVS 173)
Glaceon V (EVS 174)
Glaceon V (EVS 175)
Arctovish V (EVS 176)
Jolteon V (EVS 177)
Dracozolt V (EVS 178)
Espeon V (EVS 179)
Espeon V (EVS 180)
Golurk V (EVS 181)
Golurk V (EVS 182)
Sylveon V (EVS 183)
Sylveon V (EVS 184)
Medicham V (EVS 185)
Medicham V (EVS 186)
Lycanroc V (EVS 187)
Umbreon V (EVS 188)
Umbreon V (EVS 189)
Garbodor V (EVS 190)
Dragonite V (EVS 191)
Dragonite V (EVS 192)
Rayquaza V (EVS 193)
Rayquaza V (EVS 194)
Noivern V (EVS 195)
Noivern V (EVS 196)
Duraludon V (EVS 197)
Duraludon V (EVS 198)
Celebi V (CRE 7)
Blaziken V (CRE 20)
Volcanion V (CRE 25)
Ice Rider Calyrex V (CRE 45)
Zeraora V (CRE 53)
Galarian Articuno V (CRE 58)
Shadow Rider Calyrex V (CRE 74)
Galarian Zapdos V (CRE 80)
Sandaconda V (CRE 89)
Galarian Moltres V (CRE 97)
Galarian Slowking V (CRE 99)
Liepard V (CRE 104)
Metagross V (CRE 112)
Blissey V (CRE 119)
Tornadus V (CRE 124)
Celebi V (CRE 160)
Blaziken V (CRE 161)
Volcanion V (CRE 162)
Ice Rider Calyrex V (CRE 163)
Ice Rider Calyrex V (CRE 164)
Zeraora V (CRE 165)
Zeraora V (CRE 166)
Galarian Rapidash V (CRE 167)
Galarian Rapidash V (CRE 168)
Galarian Articuno V (CRE 169)
Galarian Articuno V (CRE 170)
Shadow Rider Calyrex V (CRE 171)
Shadow Rider Calyrex V (CRE 172)
Galarian Zapdos V (CRE 173)
Galarian Zapdos V (CRE 174)
Sandaconda V (CRE 175)
Galarian Moltres V (CRE 176)
Galarian Moltres V (CRE 177)
Galarian Slowking V (CRE 178)
Galarian Slowking V (CRE 179)
Liepard V (CRE 180)
Metagross V (CRE 181)
Blissey V (CRE 182)
Blissey V (CRE 183)
Tornadus V (CRE 184)
Tornadus V (CRE 185)
Kricketune V (BST 6)
Flapple V (BST 18)
Victini V (BST 21)
Empoleon V (BST 40)
Tapu Koko V (BST 50)
Mimikyu V (BST 62)
Necrozma V (BST 63)
Single Strike Urshifu V (BST 85)