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  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
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Boost Shake (EVS 142)
Digging Gloves (EVS 145)
Dream Ball (EVS 146)
Elemental Badge (EVS 147)
Full Face Guard (EVS 148)
Lucky Ice Pop (EVS 150)
Moon & Sun Badge (EVS 151)
Rapid Strike Scroll of the Flying Dragon (EVS 153)
Rescue Carrier (EVS 154)
Ribbon Badge (EVS 155)
Rubber Gloves (EVS 156)
Single Strike Scroll of the Fanged Dragon (EVS 158)
Snow Leaf Badge (EVS 159)
Spirit Mask (EVS 160)
Switching Cups (EVS 162)
Toy Catcher (EVS 163)
Boost Shake (EVS 229)
Full Face Guard (EVS 231)
Toy Catcher (EVS 233)
Crushing Gloves (CRE 133)
Echoing Horn (CRE 136)
Expedition Uniform (CRE 137)
Fire-Resistant Gloves (CRE 138)
Fog Crystal (CRE 140)
Galarian Chestplate (CRE 141)
Justified Gloves (CRE 143)
Rapid Strike Scroll of the Skies (CRE 151)
Rugged Helmet (CRE 152)
Single Strike Scroll of Piercing (CRE 154)
Weeding Gloves (CRE 155)
Welcoming Lantern (CRE 156)
Echoing Horn (CRE 225)
Fan of Waves (CRE 226)
Fog Crystal (CRE 227)
Rugged Helmet (CRE 228)
Urn of Vitality (CRE 229)
Welcoming Lantern (CRE 230)
Camping Gear (BST 122)
Energy Recycler (BST 124)
Escape Rope (BST 125)
Exp. Share (BST 126)
Fan of Waves (BST 127)
Level Ball (BST 129)
Rapid Strike Scroll of Swirls (BST 131)
Single Strike Scroll of Scorn (BST 133)
Tool Jammer (BST 136)
Urn of Vitality (BST 139)
Exp. Share (BST 180)
Level Ball (BST 181)
Rusted Shield (SHF 61)
Rusted Sword (SHF 62)
Team Yell Towel (SHF 63)
Drone Rotom (VIV 151)
Hero's Medal (VIV 152)
Memory Capsule (VIV 155)
Moomoo Cheese (VIV 156)
Rocky Helmet (VIV 159)
Telescopic Sight (VIV 160)
Cape of Toughness (VIV 200)
Hero's Medal (VIV 201)
Memory Capsule (VIV 202)
Telescopic Sight (VIV 203)
Full Heal (CPA 51)
Great Ball (CPA 52)
Poké Ball (CPA 59)
Potion (CPA 61)
Rotom Bike (CPA 63)
Rotom Phone (CPA 64)
Strange Canned Food (CPA 66)
Strange Canned Food (CPA 80)
Big Parasol (DAA 157)
Billowing Smoke (DAA 158)
Cape of Toughness (DAA 160)
Familiar Bell (DAA 161)
Old PC (DAA 164)
Rare Fossil (DAA 167)
Struggle Gloves (DAA 171)
Turbo Patch (DAA 172)
Yell Horn (DAA 173)
Big Parasol (DAA 199)
Turbo Patch (DAA 200)
Burning Scarf (RCL 155)
Capacious Bucket (RCL 156)
Cursed Shovel (RCL 157)
Full Heal (RCL 159)
Nugget (RCL 162)
Poké Ball (RCL 164)
Scoop Up Net (RCL 165)
Tool Scrapper (RCL 168)
Big Charm (RCL 206)
Scoop Up Net (RCL 207)
Tool Scrapper (RCL 208)
Air Balloon (SSH 156)
Big Charm (SSH 158)
Crushing Hammer (SSH 159)
Energy Retrieval (SSH 160)
Energy Search (SSH 161)
Energy Switch (SSH 162)
Evolution Incense (SSH 163)
Great Ball (SSH 164)