Advanced queries are supported. Available fields: text, name, set, expansion, format, from, into, type, color, rarity, number, weakness, resistance, has, pokedex, artist
Can combine multiple fields, examples:
  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
Colors: R (Fire), L, G, F, W, P, C, D, M, N (Dragon), Y (Fairy) Operators: AND (default), OR, NOT Please reach out to axpendix to help improve this documentation. For the tech savvy, the search was implemented by Lucene, full docs to the QL.
Pikachu (EVS 49)
Pikachu (SSH 65)
Pikachu (SWSHP SWSH020)
Pikachu (SWSHP SWSH039)
Pikachu (CEC 66)
Pikachu (CEC 241)
Pikachu (HIF 19)
Pikachu (UNM 55)
Pikachu (UNM 56)
Pikachu (UNB 54)
Pikachu (CIN 30)
Pikachu (SLG 28)
Pikachu (BUS 40)
Pikachu (SMP SM04)
Pikachu (SMP SM76)
Pikachu (SMP SM81)
Pikachu (SMP SM86)
Pikachu (SMP SM98)
Pikachu (SMP SM157)
Pikachu (SMP SM162)
Pikachu (SMP SM183)
Pikachu (SMP SM206)
Pikachu (SMP SM227)
Pikachu (SMP SM234)
Pikachu (EVO 35)
Pikachu (GEN 26)
Pikachu (GEN RC29)
Pikachu (BKT 48)
Pikachu (ROS 20)
Pikachu (FFI 27)
Pikachu (XY 42)
Pikachu (XYP XY89)
Pikachu (XYP XY95)
Pikachu (LTR RC7)
Pikachu (BCR 50)
Pikachu (NXD 39)
Pikachu (BLW 115)
Pikachu (BWP BW54)
Pikachu (BWP BW77)
Pikachu (POP9 15)
Pikachu (POP6 9)
Pikachu (POP5 12)
Pikachu (POP4 13)
Pikachu (POP2 16)
Pikachu (UD 61)
Pikachu (HGSS 78)
Pikachu (AR 71)
Pikachu (SV 120)
Pikachu (RR 112)
Pikachu (SF 70)
Pikachu (MD 70)
Pikachu (MT 94)
Pikachu (PK 57)
Pikachu (HP 78)
Pikachu (EM 60)
Pikachu (FRLG 74)
Pikachu (MA 43)
Pikachu (SS 72)
Pikachu (MODPXBS 58)
Pikachu (MODWBSP 1)
Pikachu (MODWBSP 4)
Pikachu (MODWBSP 26)
Pikachu (MODWBSP 27)
Pikachu (MODSKR 84)
Pikachu (MODEXP 124)
Pikachu (MODN1 70)
Pikachu (MODIMP 25)
Pikachu (MODBS2 87)
Pikachu (MODJU 60)
Pikachu (MODBS 58)
Pikachu (SKR 84)
Pikachu (EXP 124)
Pikachu (N1 70)
Pikachu (LC 86)
Pikachu (BS2 87)
Pikachu (JU 60)
Pikachu (BS 58)
Pikachu (WBSP 1)
Pikachu (WBSP 4)
Pikachu (WBSP 26)
Pikachu (WBSP 27)
Pikachu V (VIV 43)
Pikachu VMAX (VIV 44)
Pikachu V (VIV 170)
Pikachu VMAX (VIV 188)
Pikachu V (SWSHP SWSH063)
Detective Pikachu (DET 10)
Ash's Pikachu (SMP SM108)
Ash's Pikachu (SMP SM109)
Ash's Pikachu (SMP SM110)
Ash's Pikachu (SMP SM111)
Ash's Pikachu (SMP SM112)
Ash's Pikachu (SMP SM113)
Ash's Pikachu (SMP SM114)
Detective Pikachu (SMP SM170)
Detective Pikachu (SMP SM190)
Detective Pikachu (SMP SM194)
Pikachu-GX (SMP SM232)
Flying Pikachu (EVO 110)
Surfing Pikachu (EVO 111)