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e-Card (2003) Format

Bill's Maintenance (EXP 137)
Copycat (EXP 138)
Dual Ball (EXP 139)
Energy Removal 2 (EXP 140)
Energy Restore (EXP 141)
Mary's Impulse (EXP 142)
Master Ball (EXP 143)
Multi Technical Machine 01 (EXP 144)
Pokémon Nurse (EXP 145)
Pokémon Reversal (EXP 146)
Power Charge (EXP 147)
Professor Elm's Training Method (EXP 148)
Professor Oak's Research (EXP 149)
Strength Charm (EXP 150)
Super Scoop Up (EXP 151)
Warp Point (EXP 152)
Energy Search (EXP 153)
Full Heal (EXP 154)
Moo-Moo Milk (EXP 155)
Potion (EXP 156)
Switch (EXP 157)
Darkness Energy (EXP 158)
Metal Energy (EXP 159)
Fighting Energy (EXP 160)
Fire Energy (EXP 161)
Grass Energy (EXP 162)
Lightning Energy (EXP 163)
Psychic Energy (EXP 164)
Water Energy (EXP 165)
Celebi (WBSP 50)
Rapidash (WBSP 51)
Ho-oh (WBSP 52)
Suicune (WBSP 53)