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Latest Updates (View All)

v17 Update

Redesigned quests, Neo/ECard unlock cost refunds, 22 engine fixes

  • This is the second pre-release update for Career v2, we're getting close!
  • Redesigned quests and rewards, they are now easier than ever to complete!
  • Each quest type has different predetermined reward -no more surprise rolls!- visible on quests tab.
  • Quests are now auto-redeemed upon completion, no need to check them!
  • Some quests now reward FREE v2 packs and coins! They can only be spent when Career v2 arrives.
  • Neo and ECard series unlock costs and requirements were removed and their unlock costs can be refunded: FREE bits to everyone!
  • 22 important engine fixes throughout all expansions.

Engine Fixes

  • Charity (G1) will now only affect the damage to defending pokemon.
  • Sabrina's Gengar (G2) Dark Wave ability interactions were fixed.
  • Koga's Beedrill (G2) Hyper Needle won't be usable after benching anymore.
  • Dark Feraligatr (N3) Scare won't block baby flips anymore.
  • Girafarig (N4) type was fixed.
  • Rainbow Energy (TR, AQP) will provide its types only while in play, fixing poke-bodies of Moltres (SKR), Zapdos (AQP) and Articuno (SKR).
  • Coin flips from sand-attack like effects won't be retriggered anymore if the attack was copied (like Metronome).
  • Dewgong (SKR) Freeze Lock was fixed to block energy attachment.
  • Yveltal (STS) was fixed.
  • Talonflame (STS) Gale Wings was fixed.
  • Yanmega BREAK (STS) Barrier Break won't apply weakness or resistance anymore.
  • Shiftry (STS) Extrasensory was fixed.
  • Volcanion-EX (STS) Volcanic Heat will correctly disallow attacking next turn.
  • Klefki (STS) Wonder Lock was fixed.
  • Captivating Poke Puff (STS) will now correctly activate abilities like Set Up.
  • Beedrill (XYP) Hazard Stinger will now correctly discard all energy.
  • Salamence Spirit Link (XYP) was fixed.
  • Sableye (AOR) Bewitching Eyes will correcty allow playing a supporter even if you already played one this turn.
  • Hypno (BKP) Goodnight Babies will be blocked by Theta Stop abilities.
  • Trubbish (BKP) weakness was fixed.
  • Mewtwo-EX (BKT) Damage Change will not affect Safeguarded pokemon.
  • Energy Pouch (FCO) was fixed.

v16 Update

Pre-release for Career v2

  • This is a pre-release update for the upcoming Career v2 and first of a few to come!
  • NEW Booster Pack Simulator for v2 Packs: Booster packs are evolving in Career v2. Multiple expansions are getting merged together for better synergy in each pack. The pack simulator was improved with glowing colors for each card class and needs your feedback!
  • v2 Packs were added to Store! Not buyable yet, they will contain 10 random (at least 1 Rare Class and 3 Average Class) cards. They contain cards from multiple expansions and usually type-aware. Element packs contain Fire, Grass, Water, Steel and Verdict packs contain Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Dark typed cards.
  • Basic class cards (not to be confused with basic type pokemon) are now free to play, including all basic energy cards!
  • The Hall (old) is now called Inventory View and has Assemble/Dissolve functions for creating and recycling cards via the new currency ink. Existing market functions can still be used via Market tab, which will be removed with Career v2.
  • Import Deck is now baked in Inventory View, the old career decks tab was removed
  • Removed Energy Packs from the Store
  • Fixed scoreboards to show correct values
  • Other minor UI improvements

v15.6 Update

Steam Siege and XY Promos (152-209)! New Format: Standard 2016-2017 (PRC-on)

  • Implemented Steam Siege
  • Implemented XY Promos (152-209)
  • Renamed Standard format to Standard 2015-2016.
  • Added Standard 2016-2017 (PRC-on) as recent Standard format.
  • Limited matchmaking formats to Unlimited, Gen 1, W. 2004, Standard 2015-2016, Standard and Expanded due to high waiting times for other formats.
  • All other formats are still playable as 1-1 challenges, by using 'Send Challenge' feature.
  • Re-enabled BW-on, NXD-on, BCR-on formats to be played through challenges.
  • Performance improvements

v15.5 Update

Maintenance Update

  • Tablet devices are now supported!
  • Spectator hand-viewing feature: You will be able to view your friends' hands while spectating.
  • Implemented lobby and game chat rate limiting.

Card Fixes

  • Removed Victory Piece attach requirement
  • Fixed minor issue in Claydol (HL 2) Pokebody
  • Fixed Leafeon-EX (GEN) Nature's Breath extra damage
  • Fixed Dewgong (SKR) Freeze Lock effect

v15.4 Update: Generations, Fates Collide and Friends/Ignore feature!

  • Generations and Fates Collide are now available for Quickplay!
  • Recent XY Promos (94-151) are also available!
  • New social features: You can now add friends or ignore other players.
    Adding someone as friend increases your chance for matching up together. You can see your friends' online statuses. In a later release, you will be allowed to see your friend's hand in spectator mode.
    Inversely, if you did not particularly enjoy playing with some player, you can ignore them so that you'll never be matched with them anymore.
    Note that you can still send challenges to anyone online. In a later release, this feature will be limited to friends only.
    These features are available through right clicking players in the updated "Social Panel" (top-left green button).

Card Fixes

  • Fixed Yveltal (BKT) Fright Night
  • Fixed Puzzle of Time effect
  • Added log to Shaymin-EX's power
  • Fixed coin flip of Vivillon (BKT) ability
  • Hydreigon (PHF) Dark Impulse will not select DDE anymore
  • Fixed an issue concerning Fighting Fury Belt and knockouts
  • Fixed shuffling of Seer (AQP)
  • Charizard (EXP) will only burn basic energies
  • Fixed amount healed with Blissey (N3 2) Softboiled
  • Fixed a rare bug involving Misty's Tentacruel 'Flee' and Koga's Kakuna 'Toxic Secretion'

Career v2 is still under heavy development. I am sorry for the delay but I'm working hard to make it as awesome as possible.

Dear TCG ONE fans, Generations and Fates Collide will be available to play on or before May 31st (in 4 days!), thank you for your interest.

v15.3 Update: Matchmaking!

  • Matchmaking system implemented!
  • Players can now 'Queue' for multiple games and be automatically matched with the best opponent the system can find! System considers multiple criteria to match opponents (such as skill level, number of games played, etc). Your game will automatically start once you've found a worthy opponent! You can still play with your opponent of choice by 'Challenging' them into a battle.
  • Here is a screenshot from new Matchmaking UI. On the bottom we see the average wait time for selected type/format and no. of users currently waiting in the queue. You can also queue for multiple games at once!
  • Some UI bug fixes.

Card Fixes

  • Froakie (BKP) Bubble damage corrected
  • Ho-oh (BKP) weakness fixed
  • Fighting Fury Belt (BKP) will not work for evolved Pokemon
  • Max Elixir (BKP) added shuffle effect after use
  • Splash Energy (BKP) should now work correctly
  • Meowstic (FLF) Ear influence will not timeout the user
  • Archie / Maxie (PCL) will not select BREAK Pokemon and cause errors

v15.2 Update: BREAKpoint!

  • BREAKpoint is now available for quickplay!
  • Improved quickplay public deck list. It is now possible to efficiently filter, sort and view all public decks.
  • Improved view deck window for easy deck selection and playing.
  • Gen5 onwards (incl. Standard and Expanded) quickplay games will no longer award bits. Old formats will continue to award half bits.
  • Fixed some common grammar errors in game logs.
  • Made many big changes underneath for Career v2.

Card Fixes

  • Yveltal (BKT) Fright Night ability will not linger after knockout.
  • Fixed a rare Sky Field bug which caused errors while discarding.
  • Sandslash (BKT) Swift was fixed.
  • Yveltal (BKT) Fright Night rare issue with error was fixed.
  • Camerupt-EX (PCL) Explosive Jet & infinite Burning Energy was fixed.
  • Muk ex (DR) will now also block Pokemon Powers.

Stay tuned!

Message from admin

Dear TCG ONE fans,

I wanted to tell you more about exciting new features and prominent changes about the upcoming Career Mode upgrade which we will simply call Career v2 :)

  • Generation 3 packs! Ruby&Sapphire and Sandstorm will be available at start!
  • New card assemble/dissolve mechanic via new currency ‘ink’: Dissolve cards you don’t need then assemble cards you need.
  • New currency: ‘coins’ for opening packs. It will be mainly earned from doing quests.
  • New matchmaking system with queues. You’ll be matched with another player based on your match score and rating.
  • New booster pack generation strategy. (more on this later)
  • Completely redesigned deck editor! (more on this later)
  • New & interesting quest types with predefined rewards.
  • Basic cards from every expansion for everyone to get started in career. Rarity levels of all cards will be carefully adjusted.
  • In-game market will be closed. Private trading between players might be implemented in distant releases.
  • Currency ‘bits’ will be deprecated (in favor of ‘coins’) and shall not be earned anymore. You’ll still be able to spend it on packs.
  • You don’t need to prepare for the release (don’t change your market usage habits).

There are some stuff needs to be done (classifying cards, fixing startup decks, etc). If interested, please contact me. This is very important as there are too many stars to align for this release.

Note: Career v2 release date has not been set yet.

Note: BREAKpoint is expected to be playable around 2 weeks after its official release.

TCG ONE will always be FREE TO PLAY, as it was from the beginning. Please donate (link on the homepage) if you can, to help paying server fees. Thank you.


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